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Steph Curry and the Strain of Unbeatable Records.


Steph Curry makes a three-pointer at Madison Square Garden; via Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Steph Curry broke Ray Allens all-time three-point scoring record against the Knicks on Tuesday at MSG. The feat took Allen 1300 games to achieve, but it took Steph only 789! Steph Curry is cited as the one who revolutionized the three-pointer and will go down as the greatest shooter of all time. Because of Steph, Middle schoolers take and practice half courters. The Game of basketball will never be the same because of Curry. The kid from Davidson is now an NBA three-point record holder. Fans knew it was only a matter of time before Steph broke the record, his efficiency is unmatched and is a huge reason why he is a three-time champion and an all-time great. The moment was historic and there may never be another like it.

This Has Us Wondering: Will this record ever be Broken?

Well, considering Steph Curry likely still has at least five more seasons in him, the record will continue to grow. This will make it challenging for anyone to pass it. No one who is currently in the Nba will probably come close.

What are some of the unbreakable records in the NBA?

  1. 100 points in a game – Wilt Chamberlain’s record will never be broken with the style of today’s NBA.
  2. Averaging over 48 mins a game – Nowadays, the rest is at the forefront and therefor players will not play the whole game in the regular season
  3. 30 assists in a game – one player will never be that dominant as far as passing
  4. 11 NBA championships by a player- The league is too competitive