Appetiser: Watch Dogs

My first thoughts when Watch Dogs switched from its opening cut scenes to the first drop of gameplay was my word, the graphics are okay.  But okay is fine, and the game sure keeps up with other games the PS4 currently has on offer; it is underwhelming, but sufficient.

About 15 minutes later, Continue reading


Review: Wolfenstein – The New Order


Once the game loads, the player is greeted by a pounding grunge-tinged soundtrack and the severe face of a hardened war-ready (not completely bald!) soldier.  Then, before you start the campaign, the player picks their difficulty option which ranges from can I play, daddy? and I am death incarnate!, all accompanied with comic depictions of BJ’s face.  This jarring juxtaposition between humour and horror is both Wolfenstein The New Order’s strength and weakness. Continue reading

First Course: Wolfenstein – The New Order

Slight spoiler if you have avoided this game completely.

Just over half way through the new iteration of the Wolfenstein series, and it has taken me this long to realise just what it is all about.  In fact, it was the moment that I played the original Wolfenstein 3D in which BJ Blazkowicz has a nostalgia tinted nightmare – surely you know about this awesome easter egg by now? – that it hit me. Continue reading

DmC Review: Devil May Buy!

A year after its release, I have finally tackled Ninja Theory’s DmC.  Controversial, divisive etc, etc.  What a load of whiny bollocks.

Just to get it out of the way – a year later, DmC is good game, and I really hope Ninja Theory have another stab at the franchise.   Continue reading