First Course: Wolfenstein – The New Order

Slight spoiler if you have avoided this game completely.

Just over half way through the new iteration of the Wolfenstein series, and it has taken me this long to realise just what it is all about.  In fact, it was the moment that I played the original Wolfenstein 3D in which BJ Blazkowicz has a nostalgia tinted nightmare – surely you know about this awesome easter egg by now? – that it hit me.

In the blend of old and new, as BJ escapes the old pixelated castle* with that music pumping through my AKG K45, for a blissful moment I felt like James Bond.  And then it all came together.  The sex in the broom cupboards, the awkward Chevy-Chase-esque coffee machine moments, and fighting on the moon; Wolfenstein has always wanted to be a Bond film.  I just don’t think I or the game ever knew that.

So the next time I play this game, I won’t roll my eyes when I use a rappel to climb up the side of a castle as I shoot Nazis and huge fecking plane crashes in to the gigantic structure I am climbing.  No, I will not role my eyes.  But I will, however, think this.


*My girlfriend asked me why the Nightmare level looked like Minecraft.  I simply bowed my head and massaged my temples, as I would if I had the mother of all lager-induced hangovers, and proceeded to explain the history of the Wolfenstein and the FPS genre.  


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