Appetiser: Watch Dogs

My first thoughts when Watch Dogs switched from its opening cut scenes to the first drop of gameplay was my word, the graphics are okay.  But okay is fine, and the game sure keeps up with other games the PS4 currently has on offer; it is underwhelming, but sufficient.

About 15 minutes later, after a slightly tense opening which introduces the basic hacking mechanics you are allowed to have a bit of freedom in the world, take to the streets and cause mayhem.  I jumped the gun a little and did this the second the police had given up chasing me.  I had been in the open world for approximately 40 seconds before I was greeted by this lovely chap who had taken a liking to my car window.

WATCH_DOGS™_20140527214141 WATCH_DOGS™_20140527215149.


I know, I know, it is an open world, what did I expect?  It is not as though the mighty GTA V doesn’t have its fair share of problems.  I guess I don’t usually come across silly bugs like this within the first hour of gameplay, so I was a little saddened.

Still, the game seems okay so far.  I am having slight difficulties making Aiden focus on the correct context sensitive option at times, but that could just be me, and the hacking and the skill trees are a little overwhelming.  And the game is trying so hard to make me want to care about Aiden’s plight, but the free running is too much fun to care.  I just end up running and causing mayhem, because, you know, fun free running around Chicago like an even-moodier-than-Jason-Bourne vigilante is always fun.




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