E3: EA

Huh.  Well EA did a fair bit of teasing today; from the tiny preview of DICE’s Battlefront to the titillating talk about Mirror’s Edge’s Faith.

The conference was a mixed bag.  EA weirdly blazed through their short and sweet conference, but I was still uninterested for the majority of the conference.  The needless but obligatory sports games – I’m sorry, I don’t care about them anymore – were obviously present, including an awkward Brian Hayes showing off UFC with added Bruce Lee.  NHL 15 has physics! Etc, etc.  Cue an inspirational NHL highlight reel which will have you – EA hopes – questioning whether it is in-game footage, cg or real life.  FIFA, it was…  I don’t care.

Okay, thinking about it, there was a hell of a lot of fluff, including a dramatic silhouetted violinist introducing Dragon Age Inquisition and Criterion pretty much talking about vehicles, vehicles, awkward laughing in pubs, and vehicles.  So all we know is that the game is a first person multi-terrain multi-vehicle game with extreme sports.  Ambitious.  I still miss Burnout.

Dawngate is a MOBA with a metagame.  Hmm.  I feel like EA is having a very lazy E3,

And while there isn’t much to say about Battlefield: Hardline, it was a delight to see them announce the beta sign up ready immediately.  I actually picked my ps4 control up immediately.  Seemingly so did everybody else as I couldn’t sign into my Origin account on my PC or PS$ for a good 20 minutes.  Maybe may Origin account was just mad at me as I haven’t signed in for – you know what, I can’t even remember how long ago it was.

However, the best part of the conference I never came from a quote about a golf game, PGA Tour was priceless: ‘And yes you can hit over a battleship.’  Nice


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