Four weird and wonderful ways of promoting videogames in 2014

2014 was a strange year for videogames, over brimming with disappointments, glitches and server issues.  But fear not gamer, for with every heartbreak is the opportunity to find new love.  Where videogames have shown their true strengths, eccentricities and their more laughable flaws was in the world of marketing.

So to close out the old and welcome in the new, we look at how the best in the industry presented their games.  From the inventive, the insane to the downright goofy, here are four picks of how games were promoted in 2014 – be it through announcement or advertisement – which shows off the weird and wonderful world us gamer’s choose to inhabit.

P.T. and the perfect announcement

Back in August, P.T. was revealed at Gamescom and quickly re-revealed to be a ‘playable teaser’ of the upcoming Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro produced Silent Hills.  It was Konami’s attempt to breath fresh air into the dying – or if we aren’t being coy, dead – franchise.  The-unlikely duo proved to be a match for Mary Shelly’s famed scientist.  That dying series?  It’s alive!

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Happy New Year!

Gamesteak has been on a break for a month. But still playing a lot of games. Deserved.

Over the next few weeks we will be covering recent games such as GTA V: Remastered, Far Cry 4, the Wolf Among Us, Crossy Road and more. We will also be playing through Assassin’s Creed III, Black Flag and Unity to catch up with the series, as I had dismissed the series after forcing myself to play Revelations. Playing these three games back to back could be hellish and whether I play Rogue or not depends on my feelings after completing Unity, if I even make it that far.

Stay tuned and see you 2015!

Now, where all those videogames at?