The Cal(orie)zone

Given I’d already shared my love of pizza and kicked things off with frozen mediocrity, it was time to get out of the house and get some real, wood oven pizza from the gods of people themselves, the Italians.  I popped around the corner to visit Pizzeria Pellone, a two-store franchise in Croydon and Dulwich.

This was my second time at Pellone.  As a man of habit, I bought the exact same pizza as before, the wonderful Calzone Fritto which comes loaded with fior di latta cheese, tomato, ricotta, salami and black pepper – as a filthy veggie I swapped the salami for mushrooms.  So that’s two types of surprisingly powerful cheese squashed into a folded pizza.  Maybe God does exist?  Okay, let’s not go that far.

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Calzone Fritto at Pizzeria Pellone

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Anyway, last time I visited Pellone I was very, very impressed.  I later found

out this pizza is what they claim to be famous for, and with good reason.  As if the pizza isn’t rich and exciting enough, the fritto of the calzone gives it a twist.  Who ever heard of a fried calzone?  Well not only has Pizzeria Pellone heard of it but it’s perfected it.

Sadly, on yesterday’s visit the chef failed to fry the damn thing.  To be fair, I did rock up at 21.30, half an hour before closing, so maybe my tardiness is to blame.  But damn it, didn’t they realise this could be my fifth from last cheese pizza?  Well, no, actually they didn’t.  Fair enough.

To their credit, even though I knew the pizza wasn’t the best, it was still one of the most delectable dishes I’ve had.  The non-fried dough was perfectly squidgy on the inside with that woody-crisp crust, and the ricotta was so creamy and tasty it was on the verge of being too rich.  The tomato sauce was on top of the calzone, which at first was a wee bit odd but it actually gave taste to both sides of the top layer of dough, with the ricotta seeping into the other side.  Pretty clever, really.

Yet, the show was completely stolen by the mozzarella.  Just look at this stringy bastard and marvel:

So yeah, although I was initially disappointed by the lack of fritto in my Calzone Fritto, I swallowed my pride and swallowed one of the richest cheese fests I’ve had and was won over.  This place just knows how to make pizza.


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