Top 15 songs 2016

No write up needed for this lot.  Top 15 songs of the year.  Get your buds in:


5 Albums of 2016

I’ve had absolutely no time to write over the last few months.  Moving flats four times within the span of a year really does eat up your free time.

That said, music is one hobby that takes very little effort to enjoy.  I can’t recall the last day I didn’t listen to an album in its entirety.  I wake up and put on an album.  I’m sure anyone who has ever lived with me would say it’s obnoxious.  Oh well.

Anyway, let’s celebrate the divisive and oft lambasted 2016 by looking at my top five albums of the past 12 months.  And let’s do this before tomorrow comes around and someone dies, making people realise that years are somewhat arbitrary and shit things aren’t confined to certain periods of time.

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