Main Course: Evolve


The power! The fucking power! Fear me ants mwhahahaha. The feeling of omnipotence you inherit as a monster is tremendous, if played smart. That’s a big if. It’s hard to look past the simple 4 Vs. 1 definition from an outside perspective and an ignorant attitude towards it, but Evolve is incredibly detailed. It’s a lot more complicated than your generic multi-player shooter, if that’s what you’re wondering. Continue reading


An Ode to Ignorance

Hi there. If you don’t know who I am I don’t blame you, I’ve written two articles on here, a beginners guide to League of Legends and a review of Infamous: Second Son. I’d like to write a lot more but in all honest truth I’m shit and busy with life. With Christmas and New Year well and truly passed and a new job begun, I’ve found it difficult to manage my time between work, girlfriend, games and doing something productive. “Doing something productive” being the thing that gets shafted. Continue reading

Main Course: Infamous: Second Steak


Infamous: Second Son. Well, what a f**king roller coaster. It’s like a ‘playing hard to get’ boyfriend /girlfriend (For you gender equality nuts); at first (s)he’s ignoring you and you can’t stand it so you try everything to grab his/her attention until you get bored yourself. As soon as you stop, he/she is clamoring all over you and you love it, you slag! But, this all comes back to that roller coaster analogy, it goes up and down really fast until it comes to a grinding halt…… heh up and down like… well you know what I’m childishly referencing.

Continue reading

League Of Steak

Have you played League of Legends? ‘Let me at it; bet it’s easy!’ First, you have to learn the basic premise: destroy the towers and kill anyone in your way. ‘Great! Got that, what’s next?’ Tactics, roles and lanes. ‘Nah F**k that I’m gonna wreck these noobs!’ Queue, a quick death and a tirade of, ‘WTF! Help me Fags! Fucking dicks gg rito* gt gang banged under tower we loose**’. Continue reading