Appetiser – The Divison Beta

Tom Clancy's The Division™ Beta_20160220150849

So The Division open beta has been crowned ‘the biggest beta ever for a new game brand on current generation platforms’, with 6.4 million players taking part in the glorified demo, all playing an average of 5 hours.

I was sceptical of The Division.  In general, RPG MMOs aren’t my cuppa, and after really, really trying to enjoy Destiny I had little hope for Ubisoft’s attempt.  No matter how much it looked like Freedom Fighters – seriously, where is Freedom Fighters 2?

Yet, I was pleasantly surprised by the beta.  Firstly, the network performance was good, with no drops and matchmaking actually working unlike the Rainbow 6 beta.  Secondly, the game was actually okay. Continue reading


GTA V – Tales of the disorient


Just a little over one year from its original release, GTA V Remastered is finally out after months of rumour and teasing.

I’m only one and half hours in so far – all I could squeeze in after work – and it is pretty much how I remembered it; much like The Last of Us Remastered, this games looks how you thought it did back in 2013. Luckily, the graphical prowess of the current-gen consoles helps us forget the limitations of the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The internet has already revealed much more than I can about Rockstar’s additions, as the internet obviously has a lot more free time than I do. Aside from the graphical bump, secrets are popping up everywhere on Incy Wincy’s web; there’s even a peyote-fuelled trip that lets you be a chicken.

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Preview: The Crew BETAroot

Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections are kicking off Ubisoft’s foray into current-gen racing games with The Crew, a game focused as much on social networking as it does driving.

This is a Ubisoft game, so of course it is a persistent world that requires you to unlock areas of the map by finding satellites and doing – as the game calls it – ‘more computer crap’; an obvious reference to Watch_Dogs and other Ubi games that use this mechanic, but sadly it’s still present here.

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Homefront: Revolution Announced for PS4, Xbox and Windows


Not quite Timesplitters, but from early reports and interviews it seems that this will be a nice revival for the Homefront series and possibly a return to form for Crytek UK (Free Radical).   It also sounds like it will be a mash up of COD: Advanced Warfare and Far Cry with a bit of Watch_Dogs app-wizardry thrown in.  Sounds good to me.

RIP Kaos Studios and THQ.  Oh, and Timesplitters.

Appetiser: Watch Dogs

My first thoughts when Watch Dogs switched from its opening cut scenes to the first drop of gameplay was my word, the graphics are okay.  But okay is fine, and the game sure keeps up with other games the PS4 currently has on offer; it is underwhelming, but sufficient.

About 15 minutes later, Continue reading