5 Albums of 2016

I’ve had absolutely no time to write over the last few months.  Moving flats four times within the span of a year really does eat up your free time.

That said, music is one hobby that takes very little effort to enjoy.  I can’t recall the last day I didn’t listen to an album in its entirety.  I wake up and put on an album.  I’m sure anyone who has ever lived with me would say it’s obnoxious.  Oh well.

Anyway, let’s celebrate the divisive and oft lambasted 2016 by looking at my top five albums of the past 12 months.  And let’s do this before tomorrow comes around and someone dies, making people realise that years are somewhat arbitrary and shit things aren’t confined to certain periods of time.

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Pizza the action

This blog was originally written on 01/08/2016

I feel fat.  Full and fat.

Last week I ate a pizza a day before going vegan.  From frozen pizza to wood oven calzones, I ate myself pizza silly so that I’d be sick of the damn things.

Only problem, it didn’t work.

After one of the best calzones in my life, the lowest point of the experiment was eating at the recently opened Ciao Bella pizzeria on the famous Surrey Street in Croydon.

It’s a laidback cafe/takeaway with a very different vibe to the gimmicky rustic ambience of most London pizzerias.  You don’t drink from a mason jar, cutlery isn’t kept in old mustard tins and there are no condescending 20-year-olds with thick-rimmed glasses.  Christ, it even had fairy lights on the wall.  I instantly fell for the ‘we don’t give a fuck enough to be cool’ vibe.


Prisma also came out for Android, so you know…


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The Cal(orie)zone

Given I’d already shared my love of pizza and kicked things off with frozen mediocrity, it was time to get out of the house and get some real, wood oven pizza from the gods of people themselves, the Italians.  I popped around the corner to visit Pizzeria Pellone, a two-store franchise in Croydon and Dulwich.

This was my second time at Pellone.  As a man of habit, I bought the exact same pizza as before, the wonderful Calzone Fritto which comes loaded with fior di latta cheese, tomato, ricotta, salami and black pepper – as a filthy veggie I swapped the salami for mushrooms.  So that’s two types of surprisingly powerful cheese squashed into a folded pizza.  Maybe God does exist?  Okay, let’s not go that far.

Calzone Fritto at Pizzeria Pellone

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Anyway, last time I visited Pellone I was very, very impressed.  I later found

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Hello Veganism. Bye-bye Pizza.


I’ve always had a considerable amount of respect for the Italians due to the absolute marvel that is pizza.

From the Italians to the Earl of Sandwich – who, as I learnt from Blackadder the Third and confirmed to be true on Wikipedia, painstakingly designed that other absolute marvel while surely hungover to fuck and sat at a gambling table, yearning for double the stodge to soak up the poison that is last night’s regret – I’ve always admired the simplicity of utter geniuses who just pile shit on other shit and go for it.  In this case, that latter shit is dough.

One thing has always given pizza that crusty edge over a sandwich: Melted cheese.  I know cheese toasties are a thing but let’s ignore that for a second because, well, I’m not writing about sandwiches.

To be fair, I usually fold my pizza like this anyway, so it’s basically a sarnie.

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Naked Fun: PC Building

Last week, on a fairly typical Thursday, I spent five hours totally naked.

Let that sink in for a second.

At 10.40, there came a loud knock at the door. As I stumbled across my landing, there quickly followed the obnoxiously loud vibration of my phone. I opened the front door to be greeted by a slightly flustered courier with two rather large brown boxes.

I couldn’t have been wearing a larger grin and I couldn’t have thanked the courier with more sincerity. I possibly could’ve been a little less quick to shoo him away, but I was child-at-crimbo excited.

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Nature in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I will only warn you once: Spoilers. 

So The Force Awakens was released in the UK today and yup, it’s still pretty good but flawed (seriously, not one member of the crew realised that it would be a little weird for Leia to walk straight passed Chewie and hug Rey after Han dies?).

Something the film does right is its use of nature as a force unto itself.

In the original trilogy, a few notable scenes show nature as an intimidating force or threat.  These scenes remain pretty iconic.  Luke and the tauntaun succumbing to the harsh blizzard on Hoth.  Han navigating through the Hoth asteroid field with approximately three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one odds.  The x-wing being swallowed whole by the Dagoba swamp.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these three examples are from The Empire Strikes Back, often regarded to be the best of the series.

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