Hellblade or: How I Learned to Keep Worrying and Appreciate Horror

As in life, many people go head first into video games cocksure and confident of their actions, be it with calculated puzzle solving skills or swift reactions and perfect aim.  I am not one of these people.

Save for Tetris – I am okay at Tetris – I doubt every action, question every decision and tentatively hover over every trigger.  I’m a gaming mess.  A gibbering, bumbling, anxious mess.

And this is why I hate Hellblade, or at least hate playing Hellblade.  Continue reading


DmC Review: Devil May Buy!

A year after its release, I have finally tackled Ninja Theory’s DmC.  Controversial, divisive etc, etc.  What a load of whiny bollocks.

Just to get it out of the way – a year later, DmC is good game, and I really hope Ninja Theory have another stab at the franchise.   Continue reading